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  1. Understanding what’s involved in being a CE
  2. Finding time in your schedule to be creative
  3. Content marketing
  4. Dealing with rejection
  5. Help! No one’s sending me money!
  6. But Netflix and Facebook are right there! (keeping motivation and energy up)
  7. What and when to outsource
  8. Building your brand platform
  9. Social media and establishing relationships
  10. Finding your market (and marketplace)
  11. Failing early - should you give up?
  12. Dealing with success (what happens when you have plenty of business but not enough income)
  13. How to make money
  14. How to get noticed
  15. How to get commissions
  16. How to promote yourself
  17. Finding a local community
  18. Local festivals - worth it?
  19. Difference between professional artists and amateur