Five amazing lessons I learned from the Creative at Heart Conference | Episode 013 transcript

This is the transcript for Episode 013 | Five amazing lessons I learned from the Creative at Heart Conference with Jack & Jennifer Roach. In it, Jennifer talks about where the heck she’s been and reports about the five lessons she took from the Creative at Heart conference. Visit this post for show notes.

Jack: Hello everybody and welcome to Episode 12 of the Get To Art podcast. Once again I’m your host Jack Roach, the funniest indie author alive, and I am still alone because I can’t find Jennifer.

Jennifer: I’m right here in front of you.

Jack: Wait, where have you been?

Jennifer: I’ve been gone for so long but now I’m back. Yey!

Jack: Well, who are you?

Jennifer: I am your wife. I hope you know that. And I am Jennifer.

Jack: First wife.

Jennifer: First wife… current wife.

Jack: Ex-girlfriend.

Jennifer: Yes, ex-girlfriend. And I am Atlanta’s premier wedding photographer.

Jack: Oh my goodness you finally said it.

Jennifer: I finally said it because you made me.

Jack: So, Jennifer, this episode has gone to up late but only because we recorded it late.

Jennifer: Yeah, because I’ve been gone.

Jack: Well, not only that, and I don’t want to get into too much detail. But yesterday as you may know, Jennifer, I deal with bed anxiety, and it’s like I had let’s call it an episode. And by the end of it neither you nor I were in a state to record, and so we kind of took a day off. And that’s something that we talk with Hannah about why you were gone; Hannah Moyer host of the Candidly Caffeinated podcast.

Jennifer: Yeah, I missed that interview with her unfortunately.

Jack: There is a lot of good information in there for you. But guys giving yourself grace and recognizing that sometimes you just can’t meet that deadline.

Jennifer: That’s true, yeah.
Jack: And so we didn’t meet that deadline at all.

Jennifer: No. Finally enough that’s also something that I learned about while I was away and not here for your interview with Hannah.

Jack: This isn’t a competition.

Jennifer: Well, I would win if it were.

Jack: Sounds like something a loser would day. But we are here. We are recording now. Hopefully, only a day later than usual and I’m excited to tell everybody about the five things I learned at the Creative at Heart.

Jennifer: Are you? Did you enjoy the Creative at Heart Conference that you went to?

Jack: I did. It was a… What’s the opposite of a Sausage Fest?

Jennifer: Taco Truck.

Jack: Maybe we shouldn’t go down this path too far.

Jennifer: You are going to edit this out, are you? You are going to edit out my funny joke.

Jack: I actually see that you only share this document with me. You wrote it.

Jennifer: Yeah, did you think that you were in North Carolina for a week? Because if so we might need to check on that with you.

Jack: With all the stuff going on I wouldn’t be surprised.

Jennifer: Felt like you just randomly forgot about our trip to North Carolina.

Jack: Weirder things have happened. Do you know we have three children?

Jennifer: Oh my god, what?

Jack: So, Jennifer, since I had to do two podcast all by myself and take care of the kids for a week, you at least have to come back with episodes worth of content from this conference.

Jennifer: Okay, well, that’s what I did so hopefully I got my money’s worth and your money’s worth too out of it.

Jack: Well, take it away I’ll be over here buzzing on my phone while you go on and on.
Jennifer: While I go on and on. That’s sweet honey. Thank you. You are not going to listen or anything I’ll appreciate it.

Jack: Whatever you want is alright.

Jennifer: Okay. So if you have not heard of the Creative at Heart Conference before I’ll just explain a little bit real quickly about what it is. It is a community of creative entrepreneurs, mostly female, like 99% female because it’s branding is very pink, who come together for a conference.

Jack: That’s sexist. Men can like pink.

Jennifer: Men can like pink. They closed all of the men’s rest rooms in the venue and turned them all into women’s restrooms while we were there. That’s how few men were there.

Jack: Also sexist.

Jennifer: We took over the men’s restrooms while we were there.

Jack: Wasn’t there like three guys there?

Jennifer: There were three or four guys there but they were.

Jack: Did they just go in the bushes?

Jennifer: I don’t know where they went actually. I did ask somebody that once. Like we took all their restrooms, where do they go? You attend breakout sessions and keynote speakers on particular business topics like websites, SEO, Pinterest, enhancing your client experience all that. This was the 9th round of the conference and this time it was held in Bermuda Run, North Carolina at a beautiful venue called WinMock at Kinderton. And it’s been held there for a couple of times but I think before that they moved around a little bit. So why I decided to invest in this conference because let’s just be upfront this conference was $1,700.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: Did you not know the price tag on it?

Jack: I’m sorry, 17 what?

Jennifer: $1,700.

Jack: Alright, I bag two episodes out of this.

Jennifer: And that’s not including the hotel, and dinners at night, and everything. Actually, it came out to $1,850 because when I came back I added on the recordings of the keynote speakers.

Jack: If anybody wants to buy some used podcasts equipments for cheap, apparently I have some bills to cover.

Jennifer: Yeah, okay. Well, I have been following this particular conference on Instagram for a couple of years since I first discovered them. I had a few friends or more like acquaintances in the industry that had attended and I have seen them having fun and posting on Instagram and their Insta Stories about how much fun it was. The most important thing is see them come home and their business flourished. That was the most telling thing to me was not how much they were having and everything but how much their businesses boomed and they kind of like skyrocketed after they came home. And so I was pretty envious of that and thinking like man I really want to go to this conference and see what it’s all about. There are a lot of other conferences out there for photographers. There is another one that I am going to in November called Showit United. This conference is not just particularly for photographers. It is for all creative entrepreneurs so there were a lot of other creative people there. They weren’t just photographers. There was even a real estate agent there.

Jack: Any writers?

Jennifer: Yeah, writers, copywriters, bloggers. This was something that I had dreamed of attending for a while and hoped to be successful enough to investing so much in this education. Because when I first discovered it I didn’t feel like I was successful enough to spend that amount of money to go. So, you know, I was on their email list and I’ll get emails whenever the next rounds tickets would go out for sale and tickets sell out in like three or four hours. As soon as they go live they’re gone. They only sell… I think there was 180 that came this year. I’m not sure. But, you know, once those tickets are gone they’re gone and they sell out really quick. So I was sitting there, remember I was texting you that they like, hey this conference’s tickets are on sale. And I was just watching them disappear on my screen that day.

Jack: Is this the one where you think you got the next to the last ticket?

Jennifer: Yeah. I think I actually got the last ticket because I was texting you and you’re like, I don’t know man like this is all our money. But Katelyn James is one of the keynote speakers. And if you don’t know who Katelyn James is, Katelyn James is like a huge mentor and idol to photographers. We love Katelyn James. And I’ve invested a lot of money in her education and her courses and everything so she’s been kind of like a photography teacher to me so I just love her. And there’s a chance to see her speak that I was texting you that morning, I said this conference’s tickets are on sale. They are $1,700 dollars but Katelyn James is the speaker. You never really said like, okay get it. You are like, oh cool. I was like, well that doesn’t sound very enthusiastic. And I was just in there on the screen, I kept refreshing the page, watching the numbers go down, until one time it’s like say, “Only 24 tickets left”. And then I’m going, hmmm I don’t know. Really want to go and I’ve refreshed it again, “Only 19 tickets left”. I was like, oh crap. So I think I finally just said can I do this? What do you think? When it said maybe like “5 tickets left”. I said, I’ve got to, like right now, yes or no, can I do this? And you said go for it. And so I put in my information.

Jack: Because I thought heroes do.

Jennifer: Yes. And click enter and said, “Yey! Here is your welcome packet and everything.” I went back to the page and it said “Sold Out”. I must have gotten like the last one or the next to last one or something because as soon as I put in my information and bought my ticket it was sold out. So I got it just in time like just under the radar.

Jack: Thanks to me.

Jennifer: Yes, thanks to you. So going in I wasn’t really sure what I definitely expected. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A few know me in real life. You know, I’m really an introvert. I don’t really like being in big spaces with a lot of people. I get really nervous around a lot of people. It some sort of like social anxiety. I don’t know. I’m fine with smaller groups and meeting new people like one on one.

Jack: On Tinder.

Jennifer: But when I walked in to the welcome party I almost turned around on my heel and left because I was walking into this room with 180 other attendees and there was more people than because there was also staff of the conference, and the educators, and everything. And I went in and saw all these women and my heart just kind of like crushed and my stomach and I was like I don’t know what to talk about on all these people. How am I even going to walk up I don’t know anyone. I just want to turn around and just go back to the hotel because it was just a welcome party. There wasn’t any content that night. It was just coming in and introducing yourself to all these new people and hanging out and then the next day was where the content actually came in. So I thought maybe I don’t need to mingle very much, maybe I can just go have some dinner and go back to the hotel. But I actually ended up meeting a couple of girls in line for the lemonade and chatting and ended up getting invited to go out to dinner with them that night which was a total surprise for me, because like I said I am extremely introverted. I tend to want to be a wall flower and sort of slink back and watch everyone else talk and chat and I’ll just sort of hang back here. That’s my good time is watching everyone else.

Jack: Wait, wait. How come when you go out to a hotel and meet women and go out to dinner with them it is a fun, heartwarming story? But when I do it it’s a violation of trust and grounds for divorce?

Jennifer: I don’t really know what to tell you. It’s just kind of a double standard like that. I’m sorry.

Jack: First you take my bathrooms, then you take my strange women.

Jennifer: I’m sorry. So that was the story of the first day. When I walk into the conference on the first like actual content day, we had all kinds of stuff sitting at our seats. There was swag bags, and pins, and little cute coasters and all these kind of little cute things, and there were also these little packs of tissues. And I was like what are the tissues for?

Jack: You texted me pictures of these tissues.

Jennifer: I texted you pictures of the tissues because it said they are made out of 100% virgin pulp. And I was like, oh my gosh, what are these tissues made out of? I thought it was weird because there is a pack of tissues here, so what do we need tissues for? I don’t know. Halfway through the first keynote speaker I understood why. Okay, this gets pretty emotional. It is Creative at Heart so there is a lot of heart and I did not expect that. I expected the business strategies, and the SEO, and website and Pinterest and everything but I did not for people to get up there and talk about bad times in their marriages, and hard times being a mom, and that kind of stuff, and so that really struck me. I’m not really a crier, emotions kind of make me a little uncomfortable so I kind of held out through the first half of the day. I made it through the first keynote speakers. Everyone else was busting into their tissues and everyone else was crying but I was pretty stoic. I was holding it together. I was doing alright. And then Laura Foot who is a fantastic speaker if you ever get a chance to hear her. She is an actual Disney princess. She worked at Disney World as one of the princesses. Her whole theme is about the magic of Disney World and bringing that into learning what your strengths are. So she was talking about finding her strength as a storyteller. And so she was telling the story, and I’m starting to tear up a little bit now just thinking about it. It was so sad. It was about… I’m not hanging on too many details.

Jack: Yes, keep in mind that they are selling these recordings so if you give away the barn they might sue us.

Jennifer: Yeah, so she was talking about the time she was working at Disney World helping Make a Wish Foundation Children, that’s all you really need to know.

Jack: Real bummers.

Jennifer: I was holding it together until then I ripped into that little pack of Kleenex just like I think every other girl in the room did. I think if you can go to the recording you can probably hear all the little packs of tissues being opened all at the same time with her talk. And so that’s where it got me. I was like okay didn’t really expect to be balling my eyes out during this conference but here I am. So long story short, I got a lot more heart from the Creative at Heart than I bargained for or I didn’t expect. That’s just all the background information. I’m not looking to do like a recap or anything of all the different things that we did. There are a lot of people out there that have written blogs where they give you a play by play of the whole conference. And so if you are interested in reading that you can find those on Instagram so that’s really not what I’m going to do here.

Jack: I tell you what. I’ll make you the listeners, both of you. I’ll have Jennifer dig up some of these links and will put them in the show notes.

Jennifer: Okay. So I know some people have written play by play recaps so I’m not going to do that. What I did is I compiled a list of the five things that I came away with from Creative at Heart. And so the first thing that I want to talk about is branding. This was a huge topic of the conference.

Jack: I’m sorry, before you can continue can you say it as it is in the notes here?

Jennifer: Oh, in my notes it says branding, branding, branding with an exclamation point that it’s huge, it is key. And I already even knew how important it was going in. But just the overwhelming information that I took in about just branding along was insane. It is not just about the colors, and the fonts, and the patterns, and everything to make it pretty which that is part of it. But it is also about showing your face. You don’t realize how important it is for your customers out there to know you and to connect with you, and so they want to see your face and they want to know as much about you as possible. So really get on your Instagram, get on your website, on your Facebook, whatever platform you are using to attract clients or customers and just tell people about yourself. Show your face. Get new head shots done. Get lots of head shots done. Take cellphone pictures and edit them and put them, whatever you need to do, because it is all about you, and your face, and your identity, and it’s all about building a personal brand. And the session that I went to about this was led by Hope Taylor who is huge in photography with building a personal brand. Like people love her because she is Hope Taylor. So she had a lot of good information about just putting your face out there and telling people who you are and they’ll fall in love with you. And if they don’t, that’s okay too because it is okay to repel people as well.

Jack: Awesome. You didn’t tell me that part. This was great.

Jennifer: It is okay to repel people too because it is not just all about attracting people but also about repelling them because the more they know about you… If you are like a really bright and cheerful person who is like a huge extrovert and just chirp, chirp, chirp all day long and there is a client who comes across to you and they are not really like that. They are not comfortable with that and they are pretty quiet. You want them to know what your personality is like so they know like, hey I probably would get annoyed with her or him, and don’t really want to hire him or her because they’ll get on my nerves.

Jack: This sounds like some of your ideal client philosophies sneaking in.

Jennifer: Yes, it does.

Jack: So how repellent can I afford to be?

Jennifer: As repellent as you can be.

Jack: I’ll take that bet.

Jennifer: Oh yeah. So number two is the importance of a beautiful professional website, building email list, having a blog, and practicing a lot of SEO techniques.

Jack: Okay. This sounds a lot of work.

Jennifer: It is a lot of work.

Jack: I like the part one where we can be repellent.

Jennifer: Well, you can still be repellent but also bringing in all these things as part of your brand. I wanted to specify that I said beautiful, professional website because there are some really like do it yourself websites out there that people have just filled in and put up the free templates. Which I know when you are first starting out free is always great and you think free is better. But really invest what you can into having even just a notch above or two notches above the free. If you can afford more of a custom experience then great. But if you have just the lowest level website on there it’s not going to look good and it’s not going to attract clients. It’s going to repel clients.

Jack: Which is part of number one.

Jennifer: But not repelling in a good way because they may have been your ideal client and they may have loved you and loved hearing about you but your website is so ugly, they are like, “Nah. This person is not professional.” You are still over there?

Jack: I’m just disappointed. I feel like you are really doing a bait and switch on me.

Jennifer: I’m sorry. Okay, so number three, I feel like this is one of the more touchy feely ones because some of the things are very practical like get a website, and use SEO tips, and have a blog. But here’s I feel like we’re the heart comes in is that we creative entrepreneurs and not just females. Not just people that went to Creative at Heart but we, all of us, like the community of creative entrepreneurs. We are all in this together. And so you should really come at it with the mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.

Jack: Okay. I’m going to call them out. They are just reaping off the rising tides model of collaborate not communicate.

Jennifer: It’s community over competition so I don’t where you came out with that?

Jack: It sounds like some communist property to me.

Jennifer: So socialist. But there are enough clients out there for everyone. This not needs to be a competition. This not needs to be a cut throat competition. There is someone out there for everyone. And if you are out there grumbling and moaning about how many new businesses, events started up in your area and they are stealing all your client etcetera. Just know that that’s not the mindset that you want to approach this to that you… If you see them out there and they are new to the community and they are struggling.

Jack: Crush them. Drive them forth and hear the lamentation of their women.

Jennifer: I don’t think that you should be invited to come to Creative at Heart.

Jack: Well, I’m not going. There is nowhere for me to pee.

Jennifer: That’s true. We took all your bathrooms. So reach out to them and bring them in and help them understand that is a community. That we are not fighting against each other and we don’t need to crush each other or beat each other down to fight for clients. There is enough people out there for everybody. Everybody has got their client out there.

Jack: On the other hand, millennials are killing the marriage industry.

Jennifer: That’s true. So find and foster a community. Number four, you do not have to be at the top of the field to be an educator or a speaker. You just need to own your story and own your message and put it out there for the world. And I thought that this was something that I really came to while I was there because this is something that I want to get into. I would love to get into the education side of the field and the speaking side and actually go on to be a speaker at conferences like this but I feel like I’ve been waiting on something. I’m not sure what I’m waiting on. I’m waiting to be better or to be more ready or more prepared. I don’t feel like I’m there yet.

Jack: I feel like you are waiting to be invited.

Jennifer: Maybe I’m waiting to be invited but that’s what I learned to this conference is that a lot of these people that were there speaking, they are not number one in their fields. They just started putting stuff out there, putting content out there, putting free resources out there and then making courses out there for their audience and then people responded to it. I think that the most important part of that, again, going back to number one about your personal brand. It’s about you as a person and about how they respond to you and what you bring to the table. Because sure there a million resources out there for photographers but people go to Katelyn James or Hope Taylor because of them as people, and they want to learn from them. So you don’t have to be at that level, you don’t have to be at Kately James level or the Hope Taylor level to be out there and to start putting things out there. Just know what your story is and know what your message is and start crafting it and putting it out there, and putting yourself as an educator, and a speaker and not just waiting like I have been to I guess be invited or for some magical moment where I felt like okay I’m smart enough now. I know what I’m doing. I’m ready to teach. I don’t think that there is such a moment like that. I think you just do it.

Jack: So before point number five, for final point, I just want to give you guys a heads up that what she is about to tell you lead to her sitting me down after she got home and making a tearful confession. It was a very emotional moment. And I had assumed that she was about to tell me that she had slept with somebody at the conference. Because she was like, “Jack, sit down there is something I need to talk to you about.” And she brought tissues and everything and I was like, “Oh boy, this is it.”

Jennifer: Does it really what you thought?
Jack: Yup.

Jennifer: No.

Jack: I saw how much you spend on old video games and I was like, I need a man who only plays new games.

Jennifer: Oh, okay.

Jack: So point number five.

Jennifer: Okay, point number five is the importance of saying no and taking control of your schedule in life. And this was actually…

Jack: [unclear – 25:55] interesting than the role in the hey with a stranger.

Jennifer: I guess, yeah, if you want to call that interesting.

Jack: The way I do it is.

Jennifer: Wait, what?

Jack: So saying no.

Jennifer: So saying no. So this talk was led by another photographer in the field that I love and her name was Abby Grace, and I followed here for years. And she was just a wonderful photographer, and just like a wonderful person, and she seems so sweet and so I was really nervous to meet her. She was one of the two people, the other one being Katelyn James, that I saw who was going to be at the conference and said, “Okay, I’m going to buy these tickets.” It was for her and Katelyn James. So when she gave this talk I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear it. And so we are going to be a little transparent here that things aren’t always great during wedding season between me and my lovely husband because he gets tired of me leaving and going to weddings all the time and overbooking myself. And so we’ve had these arguments over the years about…

Jack: Knock down drag out fights.

Jennifer: About my schedule and how much I overbook my schedule and how he would rather not overbook my schedule so much.

Jack: And how consequently she said I was being unsupportive and holding her back from her dreams and not the partner that she needs in life.

Jennifer: I don’t think I quite said it in those words.

Jack: I have notes.

Jennifer: I was always really bad about knowing how to say no to my clients or to my business.

Jack: But to me just fine.

Jennifer: Okay, so I apologized so you just chill.

Jack: You know, you just probably go ahead and hash this out.

Jennifer: You just chill, okay. So I thought it was interesting, like her very first slide and her talk was like, do you mean it when a client asks me for my only free Saturday for three months is not a subpoena that I don’t have to say yes. And you know, when she worded that I was like, oh okay, that is what I have done in the past when people ask me, “Hey, can you do it on this day?” “Yeah, sure.” I’m really bad about saying yes because I don’t want to say no to my clients. I want them to be happy. I want them to do whatever I needed to do. And also when I get inquiries for weddings for the same day in a weekend that I have already got one booked or someone asks me to shoot for them on a wedding where I already got another wedding booked. I was actually bad about saying yes mainly because I wanted the money. I wanted to make as much money and also have as much portfolio as much as I could get. Now this year I have a little bit better about that. I started saying, okay I can’t do two weddings in one weekend anymore, like physically I just can’t. It is just too exhausting so I stopped booking double wedding weekends. But I’m also still pretty bad about filling up every weekend in the calendar. If there is a free weekend, oh we have to do something about that, we have to put something there. And I wasn’t allowing myself time to rest and I wasn’t allowing you Jack time to rest because when I’m gone you are here with the kids after your full time job which I appreciate.

Jack: I’m sorry could you speak up? I’m all the way up here on this cross I can barely make out. You are saying I was right? Like is that what you are saying?

Jennifer: Yeah, you were right.

Jack: These nails hurt.

Jennifer: And he’s been giving me a lot of crap since I got home even though yes it was an emotional moment there. I think now he’s like, oh it took a woman for you to tell to understand this even though I’ve been trying to tell you. I’m like, okay, but…

Jack: That’s sexist.

Jennifer: Just be really happy that I had the eye opening experience. I mean, seriously, like it was the last day of the conference I still had some tissues left and thank God because between Abby Grace’s talk about saying no and then Katelyn James’ talk right after her which was pretty similar and goes about protecting your passion and your purpose which it was pretty similar to the saying. I mean, [unclear – 30:28] stuff but it was also about giving yourself grace, and giving yourself some space and some time to breath so that you don’t become overworked and burnt out. Thankfully I had some tissue left because between those two talks I was just balling my eyes out. To hear these two women that I love so much and have followed for so long, and I know of their husbands because they are both husband wife teams. And so like Katelyn James’ husband is Michael so I see them…

Jack: We are a husband and wife team.

Jennifer: We are a husband and wife team, not in photography.

Jack: Oh, so it is not real.

Jennifer: Oh, okay. Well, so we are going to… Alright, I’ll teach how to shoot then we’ll be a husband and wife team. You know I know their husbands as well and so they both seem like they have just this great marriages and this wonderful love stories, but then you forget that people only post the good stuff on social media especially when they have thousands of followers they are not going to post…

Jack: Pictures of them ugly crying.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: I just like to say ugly crying.

Jennifer: Just like to say ugly crying, yeah.

Jack: I’ve never seen someone cry, I’m like, uhuhmm.

Jennifer: Yeah, she is a pretty crier.

Jack: Yeah.

Jennifer: To hear that these women went through the same things that I went through and it affected their lives the same way it affected mine, and that it hurt their husbands the way that it hurt my husband. Just to hear it coming from them and I was like, oh okay, I’ve been kind of awful and I didn’t mean to be. But I was so tunnel focused on just getting more weddings and getting more money and filling up those days and making my business a success because in this world busyness equals success, right? If people see you being busy and so they assume that you are successful. You can’t be successful if you are not doing stuff constantly.

Jack: You actually said that in this very podcast. Not in this episode but in early episode you said, “Make yourself look busy.”

Jennifer: Yeah, exactly.

Jack: But you were saying cheat by reusing old shoes.

Jennifer: Right, yeah.

Jack: Make yourself look busy, don’t actually be busy.

Jennifer: Don’t actually like be busy all the time just keep using pictures over and over because people aren’t going to go scrolling back through your Instagram feed to see if you shared that same picture.

Jack: Unless they are a hater.

Jennifer: Yeah, but I mean, who cares. Haters are going to hate. So anyway, just to wrap up that because I could go on about this for a while. Just to hear these two women tearfully admit that they almost ruined their marriages by over sending themselves. Katelyn James even told a little story about how it was her first Thanksgiving married to Michael and it was a big family get together and she was sitting on the couch with her laptop editing a wedding that she had just done. And everybody else was all around her and it was her first married Thanksgiving with her husband and like her new extended family and she was editing a wedding on the laptop. And I was thinking, yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve done crap like that and that’s not cool. My point is with all this, you control your calendar, your calendar does not control you. Your business does not control you. You are in charge of what you say yes to, and you should only say yes to things that benefit your business, and make you happy, and that you enjoy. But leave yourself time for rest and time to be with your family, and don’t just say, “Oh, I’ve got all these weekends or all these different things that I have to fill up and that I have to book so that I can be successful.” That’s the measure of success. Learn from me and my mistakes, and from Abby Grace’s and Katelyn James’ mistakes, and all of us that came before to say, “Okay, I’m not going to do that.” Oh, and bonus little thing, I actually met in person Hope Taylor, Abby Grace and Katelyn James. So if you are a photography people on here you know who they are. You’ll understand my excitement. I got pictures with them. I took selfies with them. They are amazing and so those were high highlights of going to this conference. I didn’t ask that to be able to meet them in person and talk to them but I walk up to Katelyn James during lunch on one day. There was a huge, it was like people want to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World waiting in line, like I had to wait in line to talk to her. And once I got to talk to her I just like broke down into tears. I was like, I just love you and you have done so much for my business and I wouldn’t be the photographer that I am without you.

Jack: And then you make Katelyn James’ husband.

Jennifer: I did also meet Katelyn James’ husband and I told him what you told me to tell him to ask for all of your money back.

Jack: That’s right.

Jennifer: And he laughed and laughed and said, “That’s funny.”

Jack: Well, Jennifer, thank you for sharing this story.

Jennifer: You are welcome.

Jack: Do me a favor. Take these pictures that you took of yourself with these women and your pictures from the conference. Put them on the Get To Art Facebook group that everybody can see them.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Which is… What’s the URL for that?

Jennifer: I think it’s @gettoartpodcast.

Jack: We’ll put it in the show notes.

Jennifer: Yes, we will.

Jack: Next week we are going to talk about the number one solution for repeat business. Until then you can find me at and on Instagram @jackroachauthor.

Jennifer: Why you are looking at me. It is your Instagram.

Jack: Help me out here. And you?

Jennifer: You can find me at, and I’m on Instagram @jennifermariephotographyga.

Jack: And you can find both of us at Go check out our new logo and the color scheme that I have picked out and Jennifer said she hates. But you can email us and tell me how much you love the color scheme at Please do us a favor and leave a five star review on iTunes and tell your friends about this podcast but only if you like. Until next time! Make sure to take time out of your day and get to art. Thank you for listening.

Jennifer: What’s with the smooth Jazz voice? Are you trying to seduce this people?

Jack: Hey whatever works.

Jennifer: Hey baby!

Jack: I just want to get it out so we can go watch Stranger Things.

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